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7 Must-try Matcha Desserts in New York City

7 Must-try Matcha Desserts in New York City

Cafes, restaurants, and bakeries all over the world have picked up the matcha craze. The deep unique flavor and various information about its tremendous health benefits have resulted in the creation of countless drinks and dishes that boost immune systems, energy levels, and obviously, gastronomic experiences.

Living in the “cultural capital” of America, food and beverage artisans in New York have decided to showcase their adaptations of matcha. While there are countless options for drinks in the city, there are times when you also want something you can sink your teeth into to savor that green tea goodness and loads of antioxidants. To satisfy your cravings, you can check out some of the delectable desserts all over the city. Should you ever find yourself in the streets of New York City, you should definitely try these 7 unique and amazing desserts:


1. Matcha Cream Puff

Photo source: www.foodmento.com

Bibble & Sip has created a special Matcha Cream Puff. It’s a matcha-crusted pastry filled with white chocolate and matcha cream, made fresh and served from 12 – 7 pm daily. These special treats have a great balance of sweetness from the white chocolate and the earthy bitterness from matcha. By the way, the staff strongly suggests that you put the bread in your mouth upside down so as not to spill any of the creamy goodness. You may also try splitting them on the plate and dipping the pastry into the cream.

Those cream puffs sell out quickly, so make sure to act fast if you really want to try them. The store is located at 253 W 51st St., New York, NY 10019.

Website: www.bibbleandsip.com


2. Matcha Crepe

Photo source: www.pinterest.com

Takahachi Bakery perfectly blends together French and Japanese cuisine. Diners always rave about their matcha creations, and the matcha crepe in particular is high up in the list of must-try items. The said treat is filled with cold red bean cream with just the right amount of sweetness to match the flavor of the tea. The light and soft dough itself is dusted with matcha powder for that incredible flavor punch. The product presentation is also ingenious and very New York, making it looked like a rolled newspaper. 

The soft and light quality and balanced flavor of the crepes will keep you in the mood for more. Be sure to check them out along with other spectacular desserts at 25 Murray Street, New York, NY 10007.

Website: www.takahachi-bakery.com


3. Green Tea Lava Cake

Photo source: www.yelp.com

For the chocolate lovers out there who also have strong fondness for matcha, Spot Dessert Bar has something to offer specially for you: the Green Tea Lava Cake. One of their signature dishes, this dessert is made up of a mouthwatering warm moist dark chocolate cake filled with luscious chocolate and matcha ganache. The chocolate itself is decadently sweet that it perfectly complemented by the green tea powder’s pleasant bitter note.

The cake is also served with crushed walnuts, a biscuit for texture and a scoop of green tea ice cream for that awesome interplay of hot and cold. Spot Dessert Bar has a number of locations, but you can check out one at 13 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003.

Website: www.spotdessertbar.com


4. Matcha-Pistachio Goat’s-Milk Soft-Serve Ice Cream

Photo source: www.wellandgood.com

For a simpler no-guilt pleasure, pick up some Matcha-Pistachio Goat’s-Milk Soft-Serve Ice Cream at Victory Garden. Packing a few extra health benefits due to the goat’s milk base, this cold treat can even be enjoyed by mildly lactose-intolerant individuals. The unique choice of ingredients put into it, which include pistachio nuts, makes it a multi-dimensional earthy and refreshing dessert.

Victory Garden regularly rotates the flavors they serve so it may not be around all the time. However, if you do find yourself around 31 Carmine St, you should definitely pop in to see if it’s available.

Website: www.victorygardennyc.com


5. Matcha Passion Fruit Blanc Manger

Photo source: www.pinterest.com

Dominque Ansel Bakery has their own contribution to the ongoing craze with their Matcha Passion Fruit Blanc Manger. The dish is basically a creamy matcha pudding with a smooth vanilla blancmange. At the center of it all is a tart burst of passion fruit, which cuts through the overly rich flavors, thus giving it a nice balance. A matcha sable cookie is also placed on top for additional dose of that delicious tea flavor and textural enhancement to make your dining experience more remarkable.

You can enjoy this particular delicacy at 189 Spring St, New York. They also have a number of other creations that can satisfy your matcha craving.

Website: www.dominiqueansel.com


6. Green Tea Mille Crêpe Cake

Photo source: www.yelp.com

Lady M Cake Boutique is well known for quite some time for their multi-layered crepe cakes, and now they’re offering a matcha infused version. The Green Tea Mille Crêpe Cakes have precisely twenty sheets of perfectly thin crepe pastry with delicate green tea cream between each one. The earthy green tea flavor alternates well with the sweet crepes, giving the dessert a perfectly cohesive taste. Raw matcha powder is also sifted on top of the stack for added vibrancy.

This luscious dessert showcases perfect silkiness and bold flavors. It also has a certain lightness that sets it apart from the traditional Mille Crêpes. Lady M provides home delivery service so you can enjoy their delicious desserts in the comfort of your own home. You may also opt to visit one of their three branches around New York City.

Website: www.ladym.com


7. Yukimi Zenzai

Photo source: www.goldtogreen.blogspot.com

Yukimi Zenzai, the pride of Cha-an Teahouse is probably the most complexly assembled option in this list. It offers a symphony of tastes and textures, beginning with the cold matcha soup that serves as its base, followed by a couple of chewy shiratama mochi balls, azuki bean jellies, and a black sesame tuille. All of which, will be topped with a scoop of house-made mild sake ice cream. Making all the varying components work in perfect harmony in one bowl is truly remarkable that it makes diners come back more.

The restaurant actually offers various kinds of desserts and other treats, including some really creative tea drink concoctions. Drop by at 230 E 9th St, New York to enjoy an array of delightful dishes at Cha-an Teahouse.

Website: www.chaanteahouse.com


Surely there are countless other desserts out there to sate your matcha craving. New York City is at the forefront of the matcha craze and the home of some of the most creative chefs in the world. By all means, you can walk around and make some really pleasant discoveries on your own. However, if you can’t find the time to browse and search for the next great find, you can always use this article as a great starting point.